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Hello, I’m Dr. Doug Kenney, a practicing veterinarian in Cordova, Tennessee - just outside of Memphis. Welcome to my blog on pet health insurance. I really appreciate your using some of your valuable time to visit. I will always strive to make the information you find here truly helpful as you make decisions about pet health insurance.

How I Became Interested In Pet Insurance

For years, there was only one pet insurance company – VPI, and we had a few of their brochures to give to clients who asked about pet insurance. I had filled out and signed a few claim forms for clients over the years, but like most veterinarians, I knew very little about pet health insurance.

Then I saw a brochure from ASPCA Pet Insurance in a specialty hospital waiting room when I stopped by to check on a case that I had referred there. It was obvious that the plans they offered differed from those offered by VPI. Soon after that I got a brochure in the mail from Embrace Pet Insurance and their plans looked much different from the other two companies.

I then realized my clients had several options to choose from. I didn't really know much about any of these companies, but I had a lot of questions. Perhaps you have some of those same questions and that is what brought you to this blog.

When I started investigating pet insurance more closely, I found out that there were even more companies offering policies to pet owners in the United States that I wasn't aware of. Currently, there are about a dozen. I called and asked a lot of questions, and over a period of time, I developed relationships with individuals at each of the companies so that if I had a question, I could just e-mail or call them and get a trustworthy response. Mostly, these individuals are veterinarians who are on the staff of the pet insurance company or the CEO of the company. Thankfully, they haven’t told me to stop bothering them yet. :-)

As I started collecting the information about each of the companies, I realized fairly quickly that pet insurance is a rather complex subject. So, I decided that I would share the information not only with my own clients, but also with other pet owners who might be interested in pet insurance.

You won't see me recommending which company you should purchase a pet insurance policy from. That decision is yours to make. My goal is to give you the information and tools you'll need to hopefully make a wise choice - one that you won't regret, but rather you'll be happy with.

It isn't uncommon for pet insurance companies to "tweak" their existing policies or even come out with new policies from time to time. One reason I started this blog is because it is dynamic and I can post information as soon as I become aware of it.

Comments are welcome and are helpful to other pet owners as well. I do try to respond to comments. I will also be glad to try and answer any specific questions you have about pet insurance via email.

Again, please accept my sincere thanks for visiting!